Friday July 19, 2019
Chairman – Amy Riddle 660-833-2545

Registration begins 7:00 AM; Show Begins 8:00 AM (Rodents/Cavies will show first)

Entry Fee: $1.00 per rabbit (limit of 50 rabbits per exhibitor)
Out of County $1.50 per rabbit
Late fee is $2.00 per rabbit

  1.All rabbits entered in the fur classes must be entered in their regular classes.
  2. A rabbit eliminated from its regular class for overweight or underweight or for being improperly entered in regular class for wrong sex may complete in the fur class.
  3.  Rabbits will be shown by breed.
  4.  4-Class and 6-Class will be decided by American Rabbit Breeder Association Manual.
  5. There will be a division for crossbred or breed unknown. They will show as a 6-Class rabbit.
  6. Deadline for ownership is June 1, 2019.
  7.  All breeds not listed will be shown in Crossbreed & Other Breeds class.
  8.  Limit of 50 rabbits per exhibitor.
  9. All rabbits must have permanent tattoo in left ear.
 10. Show chair reserves the right to break classes into subclasses based on color/variety.


Senior Bucks (8 months of age and over)
Senior Does (8 months of age and over)
Intermediate Bucks (Under 8 months of age)
Intermediate Does (Under 8 months of age)
Junior Bucks (Under 6 months of age)
Junior Does (Under 6 months of age)


Sr. Buck

Sr. Doe

6-8 Buck

6-8 Doe

Jr. Buck

Jr. Doe

Californian 900A 900B 900C 900D 900E 900F
Champagne 901A 901B 901C 901D 901E 901F
D’argent 902A 902B 902C 902D 902E 902F
New Zealand 903A 903B 903C 903D 903E 903F
Palomino 904A 904B 904C 904D 904E 904f
Satins 905A 905B 905C 905D


Crossbreed & Other Breeds  906A 906B 906C 906D 906E 906F
French Lop 907A 907B 907C 907D 907E 907F

Senior Bucks and Does (6 months of age and over)
Junior Bucks and Does (Under 6 months of age)

Breed/Variety Sr. Buck Sr. Doe Jr. Buck Jr. Doe
Dutch 908A 908B 908E 908F
Havana 909A 909B 909E 909F
Holland Lop 910A 910B 910E 910F
Lion Head 911A 911B 911E 911F
Mini Lop 912A 912B 912E 912F
Mini Rex 913A 913B 913E 913F
Mini Satins 914A 914B 914E 914F
Netherland Dwarfs915A 915B 915E 915F
Polish 916A 916B 916E 916F
American Fuzzy Lop 917A917B 917E 917F
Dwarf Hotot918A918B 918E 918F

920) Fur
921) Doe & Litter (litter not over 45 days old)
922) Single Fryer (not over 70 days)
923) Meat Pen (not over 70 days old)

924) 8 years in Rabbit Project
925) 5-7 years in Rabbit Project
926) 2-4 years in Rabbit Project
927) First year in Rabbit Project


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